Palm Sunday Tomorrow


This photo is from Palm Sunday 2003; that’s our previous vicar, The Rev. Marion Kanour, in the scarlet cope. Rather than traipse around the entire building over the frozen tundra that is the church lawn, we opted that year to stick to the sidewalk that runs on 2 sides of the building. It was much easier on everybody’s shoes and less disruptive to the singing.

Tomorrow we’ll process with palms and glad singing, and then during the service the drama of the Passion is staged with readers. So we start with the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, and we end with the fury of the crowd and the indifference of the secular authorities.

The liturgical color for the day changes from purple (mourning, penitence) to scarlet (Passion, triumph) and then often switches back to purple or even black. At one parish I attended years ago, the choir had colored tabards in all the liturgical colors – they were double-sided for reasons of economy. The scarlet one had a black reverse, and on Palm Sunday they used to quietly slip off the tabards and turn them over to the black side at the point in the service when Jesus arrives at Golgotha. It was quite unnerving.

The drama will play itself out tomorrow and later this week as it does every year at Eastertide. Will you be there…?

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