Virtual Bulletin For The Week Of August 20

*Meet The New Vicar of Holy Innocents, The Rev. Steven Martz!*

Father Steven comes to us from nearby – he is vicar of St Nicholas, Elk Grove Village, and we will be sharing his time and talents with them. He is a huge baseball fan, is trained as a psychotherapist and has a small private practice, and is looking forward to getting to know and love us at Holy Innocents. His wife, Carla Amato, is an attorney who now works for Catholic Charities. They have two teenage sons, David and Jonathan. They also have 3 dogs, and live in Glen Ellyn.

*Holy Eucharist Start Time Is 9AM Beginning Tomorrow, Sunday August 20!*

Due to our new vicar’s Sunday schedule, Holy Innocents will gather for *Holy Eucharist at 9am*. If you are serving, singing, or helping, you’ll get there even earlier… but then you’ll have more time to enjoy your Sunday after church. See you there!

*Food Pantry Starting To Take Off, Bagged Groceries Urgently Needed*

From Bob Kalicki, member of the Bishop’s Committee:

We were blessed to have five people come to Holy Innocents for help from our food pantry. We have two bags of groceries left and need to have another food drive as soon as possible. I plan to ask the congregation to bring food for our food pantry as well.

The *Holy Innocents Supplemental Food Pantry* is starting to garner
interest; a parishioner from St. Nicholas, Mary Anne, came to Tuesday’s food distribution and brought fresh tomatoes from St Nicholas’ garden patch, which were gratefully received by several pantry patrons. After the scheduled hours of distribution, the Bishop’s Committee met, and during the meeting another patron called and asked if it would be possible to pick up some groceries. That made a total of 4 families given food that day, and then later in the week Bob answered a call for food and met someone at the church on Friday to give them a couple of bags of non-perishable items. This made our total count for the week 5 families fed; a huge achievement for us. This was more than the number of families served in the last 4 months combined.

We urgently need more bagged non-perishable groceries, with at least 2 well-balanced meals’ worth in each bag. When shopping, you should be thinking in terms of “A family with 2 small children, with access to cooking facilities,” or “2 seniors living together, with a kitchen,” or “A single person living in their car, without access to a kitchen.” Label your bags, or drop a note inside describing the sort of patrons you have in mind. In addition, toiletries and personal products (diapers, paper products, feminine hygiene, toothbrushes and toothpaste) are always needed. There may be a demand for pet food; canned food or sealed packages would probably be best so that we have something non-perishable to offer. Cans should be easy-opening if possible so that a can opener is not required.

Bags can be donated at Holy Innocents as a part of the Sunday Eucharist during the Offertory, or call the church office so someone can arrange for you to drop them off. Remember to have the groceries that you purchase put on a separate receipt, as the donation is tax-deductable.

*Needed: School Clothes for 5 Children*

Last Tuesday after the Holy Innocents Supplemental Food Pantry closed
for the evening, the Bishop’s Committee had a short introductory meeting with Fr. Steven Martz, our new vicar. As the meeting was wrapping up, the phone rang; a mother in our area was looking for some used school clothes for her children, and could we help?

Clothes are needed for: A boy, aged 14. A boy, aged 12 (likes baggy
T-shirts, mens size M). A girl, aged 11 years (tall, sizes 9-12). A
girl, aged 9 years (size 8) . A boy, aged 7 years (size 7-8, small).
Although it was not specifically requested, all the children could
probably use some school supplies (pencils, pens, paper, folders, etc.).

*Farewell to Father Ted and Mark*
Two weeks ago, we said farewell to Father Ted and Mark; Ted has accepted a position at Norwegian American Hospital as their new Pastoral Care Coordinator. He will be building a program of spiritual care for the hospital from scratch, and it is a wonderful opportunity for him to use his considerable gifts of compassion and spiritual healing. We wish them every success and happiness and will remember them in our prayers.

*End of Summer Wrap-Up*

Several of us enjoyed activities together this summer, such as holding outdoor Eucharist “Mass on the Grass” services in Schaumburg at a public park, and attending free concerts at Prairie Stone in Hoffman Estates. As the beginning of the school year and the winter approaches, more activities and opportunities to serve, worship, and grow will be announced.

*So Long, “Summer Break.”*

We will not be sorry to say goodbye to our “guest organist,” Summer
Break. Although she is reliable, her choice of incidental and “party
piece” music for the choir left a great deal to be desired, as she never actually chose, practiced, or played anything. She will soon be replaced by a series of living, breathing organists, probably beginning the Sunday after Labor Day.

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