Reflection from Manny: We Move Forward With Faith And Hope

None of us is exempt to change. Change is inevitable. Some changes are healthy and welcomed. Sometimes, change is unwanted and far too challenging and rubs up against our individual tastes. Still, plan as we may and prepare though we do, change will find its way to our doorstep. In the life of any worshiping community, change is very much the norm: when ushered in with patience, planning and cooperation, change can be dynamic, evolving and advancement toward growth. There is a movement and constant flow, inspired by the Holy Spirit and put into motion by the actions of each member of the faith community, one member to another.

Our faith community is no different then any other church. We have our ebb and flow. The Spirit is very active here. New committees are up and running while other programs continue to take shape and evolve. There is nothing static about St. Nicholas. We welcome movement, the Spirit’s presence and the challenges that are born out of the human experience.

Since February of this year, over 9 months, our community of faith has been living in a very definite and distinct form of change; the calling forth of our next vicar. For many of us, this may well be the first time we’ve been part of just such an experience. Certainly, there are others who have already been part of this very Episcopal practice: the calling forth of a new clergy member to lead the congregation in matters spiritual and otherwise. What is important to remember is that this transition is to be viewed in a positive light. We have not, collectively nor individually, crawled into some ecclesial hole and pulled the hole in on us. In fact, our response has been just the opposite. We have seen growth: a refreshing breath of fresh air has blown in and has brought a change that has ushered in new life to this community of St. Nicholas. A new sense of ownership has been embraced.

Yet, my sisters and brothers, there is still work to do. The process of calling forth the next vicar continues. With prayer and continued dialogue and the hard work of both the Bishop’s and Search Committees, we are well on our way to achieving our goal. We warmly welcome to this weekend’s Liturgies Susan Czolgosz, our Diocesan liaison, who has been a tremendous aid in guiding us through this period of change and transition. Susan assumed this role after Fr. Randall Warren moved on. Susan will bring us up to speed on this process and where we go from here. She will be available for questions and answers after both weekend Liturgies. Let’s welcome her in true St. Nicholas style…with open hearts and warm smiles, just as we’ve been open and receptive to the Holy Spirit’s presence during this important and decisive period in the life our of our church.



Father Manny Borg

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