Half Way Through Advent and all Through the House

This week’s News From Nick is full of interesting “stuff” this week! Read the whole thing at the link, or check the Facebook page.

We’ve progressed quite quickly as we already find ourselves at the doorstep of the 3rd weekend of Advent.

Thanksgiving is a mere shadow of memories. I have three small bags of turkey tucked away in the freezer for later use.  Christmas is a stone’s throw into the very near future.  And, our community of St. Nicholas is a beehive of activity.

New Socks for New Friends has been a blessed success thus far.  How comforting and rewarding to know that the generosity of so many will keep others warm, safe and dry.

Episcopal Church 101 is both entertaining and informative, as Deacon Tom leads us in lively conversation after the 10am Sunday Liturgy. All are welcome to come, listen, share and enjoy this time together, as we delve into our Church in an informal and friendly fashion.

Children and youngsters find there are activities aplenty for them at their Sharing Table which helps them to better understand what the weekends readings are all about and allows them to participate in the Liturgy, too.

The Monthly Book Club continues to flip pages, sip coffee and share their thoughts and views of the written words theyve read.  Those who wish to be part of this Monthly Book Club may contact Val and Steve Gruenwald for additional information.



Even more – we’re having another Movie Night, and a Caroling Party, Crèche Building, and Christmas will be upon us before we know it. Don’t forget to bring in warm socks, and remember food pantry items, the Giving Tree, and pledge cards so the budget can be finalized.

It’s a wonderful time of year at St Nicholas. Come “Be St Nick.”

via News from St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

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