Deck The Halls: The Greening Of The Church Dec 18

Time to decorate the worship space for Christmas!. After the 10am Liturgy on Sunday, December 18th, we will remove all that is Advent and decorate with all that is Christmas.  We have lots to do, so we’ll need lots of active hands.

What a wonderful family opportunity…bring the kids and some extra adult strength, too.   We’ll have plenty of coffee and sweets to keep us motivated and energized.  FA LA LA LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA!

This is what ‘church’ is all about:  getting involved and active,  being part of what’s happening, being a vocal voice, a pair of hands engaged in ministry.  It’s a very real way of being true stewards of our church and for our church, this wonderful place, this St. Nicholas Church.


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