Father Manny’s Reflection: The February Beat Goes On

February certainly has been a rather full month for us. Last weekend’s Annual Parish Meeting was, in this one man’s opinion, a sailing success. By the comments I’ve received since, it appears many others feel likewise. How wonderful is that? Thank you to those who came and shared their views, opinions, casseroles, pizza, soup, salads and sweets for the sweet. Also, a thank you to those who were unable to be with us, though prayed for our success and efforts. Much was discussed, conversations were lively, solid suggestions and recommendations were brought forth, elections were held for the Bishop’s Committee and as always, great food was enjoyed. My friends, the Annual Meeting is only as successful as the people are willing to participate and get involved. Blessedly, the community of St. Nicholas is front and center when it comes to getting involved and sharing time, talent and treasure. But, know this, we have room for others to be engaged in the life of this church…there is room and the need for everyone. God bless us all, each and every member of this most special, sacred and loving place. While we have much to do, revenue needs to be found and increased, repairs are to be made on the facility and other such matters, we are well on our way to a future that is bright and promising. Thank you, Good Lord, for the beautiful people that make this house of worship, this community of St. Nicholas the wonderful place it is!

February isn’t over with yet! This Saturday (TODAY!), in case you’ve been asleep or out of town, is our 2nd Annual Chili Supper. Come one. Come all! Bring family, friends, neighbors and any one who loves a good bowl of chili and big bowls of fun, too! The fun and food begin immediately after the 4:30 pm Saturday Liturgy. Make an afternoon/evening of it…worship with us, then dine with us and have a great time with us. All are welcome and we mean it, too!

Next Wednesday, February 22nd, we begin the holy and sacred season of Lent. This is a most special church season: a period of six weeks that allows us the time to become more reflective, more ‘interior’ in our prayers and private time with The Lord. We begin Lent with Ash Wednesday and our Liturgy at 7 pm. Ash Wednesday is an all day event…I’ll be at the Cary Metra Train Station early that morning providing ashes for those commuters who may not have access to a church or just won’t have time. Ashes to Go: after all, God is every where and we wish to celebrate our faith with all God’s children. Later, I’ll be at the church to provide ashes to the support group members who attend the noon meeting and of course, later that evening, we have our 7 pm Ash Wednesday Liturgy.

Before we know it, the glory of Easter will raise our spirits and the eternal hopes that spring offers will once again awaken from their winter slumber and breathe new life again. Let’s all participate while we anticipate what is just a little off in the future…for there is much to do, much to celebrate and much for which to rejoice in, right now and right here at St. Nicholas.

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