Father Manny’s Reflections: The Price of Faith

It has not gone unnoticed and we all have our issues with it, but the price of a gallon of gas has certainly climbed to unappreciated and unprecedented heights. There are a few things we can do about it and many of us are already altering our way of life to better deal with high gas prices. I recently received an email from a high school classmate who shared his views about the price of gas and who is to blame. I didn’t agree with him and shared my own views in, of course, a peaceful, factual and gentlemanly manner. He wrote back, along with several other classmates and friends who had been ‘copied’ to my response, and they agreed with my argument. It wasn’t my intent to make any waves but merely to share my point of view and suggest ways we can all be better stewards of the earth and our limited natural resources.

In my email response, I made mention that Europeans and those in the Far East have long paid high petrol fuel costs. I remember the first time I was in Malta, way back in 1977, the price of a gallon of gas was 3 times the cost of what I would have paid back here in the States. My cousins laughed it off, though they did inform me that the cost of fuel in Europe has always been high and we Americans have it ‘easy’ compared to the rest of the world. Today, I have a greater appreciation for the financial hardships my European family and friends have had to endure with regards to fuel cost and the price of driving a car.

This brings me to the cost of faith: it is a practical issue that we must consider. I realize and appreciate the sacrifices we all make in order to celebrate our faith and in our efforts to support and strengthen our Community of St. Nicholas. It is, to say the least, an expensive endeavor. Just getting to church is costly as most of us drive to get there and back home. Maybe we can look at a simple solution like car-pooling and sharing rides to church. We all benefit this way; less gas is used, friendships are created and strengthened and we get to know our sisters and brothers that much better. Another idea: when we do come to church, whether on Saturday or Sunday, why not stay longer and get involved in some of the ministries of the church. Sign up to help keep the facility clean and orderly. There is always some thing to be done as the church and hall are used every day. Stay late and get involved, have coffee with the community and share in lively conversation and discuss church issues. Be part of the study and discussion groups that currently and/or will be meeting on scheduled weekends. We will have more of these group gatherings in May, as we discuss the upcoming merge of St. Bede’s and St. Nicholas. And later in the year we will have more topics to share, study and discern.

Of course, there will the Little Boots Rodeo and Life Line Health Screening in June, our church/community picnic in July, events in the Village, and the rummage sale in mid-August just to name a few events. Why not stick around…we’re already at church. So come and worship, celebrate, socialize, study and pray a while longer with the rest of the community. Let’s stretch that gallon of gas and make full use of being at St. Nicholas. We are a community of faith…but we can be so much more to one another…we just need to stick around and be part of it all. After all, St. Nicholas Church is not just a weekend place. It is so much more and then some!



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