From the Vicar: Father Manny’s Post-Installation Dizziness

The children of St Nicholas bring the gifts of wine and bread to Father Manny, our vicar.

The children of St Nicholas bring the gifts of wine and bread to Father Manny, our vicar.

“Dizzy, my head is spinning, like a whirlpool it never ends.” I can certainly identify with this opening line of Tommy Roe’s 1965 hit record, “Dizzy.” I was only seven years old when this song hit the A.M. dial. “C.K.L.W., the Motor City,” the call out of one of the local A.M. stations in Detroit and Windsor, Canada I so often listened to, played this song probably 10 times a day for a good month. Hard to forget a song when you hear it so often, right?

Dizzy…my head is still spinning: what with all the activity of the past few weeks. I must say, my dear sisters and brothers, my head has been in a whirlpool of sorts, and not just my head, but my heart, too. However, and blessedly so, this whirlpool has been stirred by the Holy Spirit. No power on earth can match what the Spirit can do. The past few weeks we’ve been fortunate and graced with the gifts of the Spirit: the arrival of our family from St. Bede’s and Wednesday’s Installation Liturgy. We, the community of St. Nicholas began a new era, a fresh beginning. We consider and cling to parts of our past. We celebrate and embrace our today. We eagerly, excitedly and with great zeal, jump in with both feet into our future. And, we do this, as David Gibbons preached in his most touching sermon on Wednesday night, “as a community.” And if I may add, as a family of faith, as a people committed to creating, rebuilding and placing our hand and foot prints firmly and permanently on this place, this St. Nicholas Church we love so much.

Lastly, I wish, in a spiritual and sacred manner, that I remain a bit on the dizzy side, (please, no editorials here!) as I do find it rather comforting to know the Spirit is working, swirling all about and inspiring me to be here, for each and every one of this community of faith. Thank you, my beloved ones, for your care, your concern and your faith. I promise to do my best, at all times and in all ways and always for the betterment of St. Nicholas, this community of the faithful and the greater glory of God the Creator; for our Redeemer, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, the co-author of my dizziness, my joy and happiness. The other author would be, well, all of YOU…for you all bring me, as does the Spirit, much happiness, joy and even a little, blessed dizziness, too.


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