From The Vicar: Higher Temperatures, Higher Faith at the Parish Picnic

We’ve been in the midst of some record-breaking heat and humidity. Everyone is feeling it. We need to pay special attention to one another in these difficult times, especially those among us who are elderly, sick and those who live alone. It is what family does for one another. We are a family…many children of One God and this is reason enough for us to care and love each other. Take a moment, please, and check in on those who may need some special attention and do what we can to help.

At St. Nicholas, we have shown our faith in action time and time again and we always do so with such grace and spirit. We give and share and all the while ask for very, very little in return. We understand and have fully embraced the Judeo – Christian teaching of “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.” And all the while, we draw ourselves closer to the Creator who continues to bless, sustain, strengthen and guide us.

Let me say just one more thing, please: I am constantly overwhelmed and humbled to see our community of faith in action. Last Saturday’s parish picnic was another quality example of just what kind of people we are. In spite of the heat, water balloons that mysteriously kept disappearing and a near miss from an approaching thunderstorm, we braved all of what nature and unknown sources threw at us and we thrived! We are, individually and collectively, a remarkable, Christ-centered lot of people and I just know — I just feel it — that God is pleased with our action.

We still have things to do and tasks that need our attention. In time, we will accomplish all that we undertake and we will once again brave whatever elements, natural or those brought on by other forces, that come our way.

My sisters and brothers, in the midst of these “dog days” of summer, let’s continue to do our best. In spite of the heat and the “lower energy levels” that come with these extremes in temperatures, know that God empowers us with a most Divine source of grace and strength. Let’s savor it, celebrate it and share it. There’s much expected of us…then again, there is much that has been given us, too.


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