News from Nick: Much Ado About Many Things In January

We’re well into the new year, one full week old already. So, have we kept up with our resolutions? Have we made that extra effort to eat better and not sneak a peek in the frig around 9 pm for a snack? Are we taking that brisk walk after supper to work off our meal and help our digestive system do its thing? How about reading that book we always desired to finish…what’s keeping us from opening it up and finishing it? Of course, my dear friends, as I share these thoughts with you, I remind myself I’m just as accountable as anyone else and I, too, must follow through. I’m doing my best and I pray that all of us do our best to make this year better, healthier, safer and brighter.

What about our relationship with the Lord? Have we made a commitment to strengthen and reinforce our lives in accordance to what our faith and the Church asks of us? Are we taking time to pray during the day? Are we sharing our faith with those who need spiritual aid and care? And what about our St. Nicholas Church; are we doing what we can to help make this a better, stronger and healthier spiritual home? We have opportunities galore for each and every one of us to be involved and engaged in the ministry and life of this community of faith.

God has planted a seed in our hearts and God wants us to grow strong, bright and beautiful. It is a sad thing to hide our talents and gifts and not share our attributes with one another. So, here is the place and now is the time for all of us to become more involved, engaged and a greater part of St. Nicholas Church. Let’s make 2013 the year we all find our permanent place in this community of faith that lets our true colors show, our talents put to good use and our voices lifted in prayer, song and worship.

January will be a packed month of parish life and activities at St. Nicholas. Because we have so much going on, I plan on running this portion of the weekly reflection for the next few weeks. Granted, this may not be my typical approach to reflection sharing, but again, we have so much going on this month and into early February, keeping everyone abreast of the entire goings on at St. Nicholas requires a different approach. So, without further ado…

This Sunday, January 13th after the 10 am Liturgy, the Liturgy Team will be meeting in the Vesting Room, next to the office. We will review the Advent and Christmas season and begin some planning on the upcoming Lenten Season. We ask those who have been on the Liturgy Team in the past to come and those interested in being part of this committee to come and share. All are welcome.

Sunday, January 20th after the 10 am Liturgy, the Children’s Formation will resume in the Vesting Room. Val Gruenwald will meet with our young people and lead them in conversation and activities that involve the scripture lessons for the day and on a joyful journey of faith. We would certainly welcome additional assistance in this ministry. If there is another community member, or maybe more, interested and willing to share their faith and time in this worthwhile ministry, we would warmly welcome YOU!

Also, on January 20th we will begin our Bible Study Program. We will meet in the Noah’s Ark Space. All are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join in the conversation. Connie Nicholson is spearheading this effort. We’re excited and anxious to see where our conversations will take us. Bring your coffee, cookies and an open mind and heart!

January 23rd, we will be meeting Bishop and Trustees at St. Nicholas for our quarterly report. Typically, meetings of this sort have important matters to discuss. Such will be the case at this meeting. Your prayers and support are requested. There are many good things happening at St. Nicholas and we all want that momentum to keep us moving forward. This is what B. & T. is also wishing for us. Together, working as one, we will attain our goals as we go about our duties of building the Kingdom of God here on earth as we rebuild and recreate St. Nicholas.

January 27th, our Annual Parish Meeting and Pot Luck Luncheon is scheduled. We eagerly and warmly encourage and invite the entire parish family to come and be part of this vital parish activity. We will meet immediately after the 10 am Liturgy. Bring a dish to share; salads, soups, deli trays and such are fine. I promise to keep the meeting ‘on point’ and not go too terribly long.

Feb. 9th, our 3rd Annual St. Nicholas Chili Supper. What a great time we have getting this event up and running, not to mention the great chili and prizes available! Lots of help needed for this event to be successful. This is a great “fun-raiser,” for all of us, with laughs, lively conversation and some pretty good darn chili, too. We could use help soliciting gifts for the door prizes and raffles. And of course, mark your calendar for the 9th of February; bring friends and family, too. There’s always room for more at our table!

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