Palm Sunday at St Nicholas: March 24 at 10am (no Saturday evening liturgy)


This is one of those unique Sunday Liturgies the Church provides that is a challenge to our human emotions. We rejoice and celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Our Savior strides into David’s Holy city atop a donkey, a passive beast and a symbol of peace. The crowds are thick and line the streets, wild and exuberant. They display their excitement as they cover the ground with their cloaks and palm branches…laying a royal road for their new king. Our hearts, too, are filled with joy and glory. Later in the same Liturgy, we find our senses altered, from glorious to somber, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. We are deflated and our hearts are pierced. Jesus’ passion and descent into human death, deal our human emotions a tossing and turning, pulling at our emotions, first inside, then out.

Faith and our individual relationship with Jesus often times has us vacillating from some amazing highs to some rather humbling lows. Why should our relationship with Jesus be any different than our relationship with family and friends? It is part of what makes human kind so unpredictable…up and down, from the mountain top to the deepest of the darkest valley.

Fortunately for us, Jesus remains consistent. Jesus is smoothly and blessedly always ‘spot on’ with His love, care and guidance for us, His sisters and brothers. Regardless of how we approach Him…Jesus responds to us positively, passionately and without any agenda other than that He loves us and cares for us, unconditionally.

Whether we are at the highest of highs or wallowing in the lowest of lows, know that Jesus is very much consistently steady in His presence and in His commitment to us.

And for this, my sisters and brothers, we are a very fortunate people and for this, we are ever grateful.



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