From The Mail Bag: Love One Another

Love One Another John 13

On occasion, an email is received that makes for sharing. Here is one such email.

Enjoy and know this is a reflection of ALL the Community of St. Nicholas:

Mom and Dad,
It’s been a while since I’ve experienced a church service that was truly meaningful to me. This morning was that!

And how cool and awesome it is to have that feeling again, a feeling of . . . I’m not sure how to say . . . a feeling of belonging, sharing, caring, more importantly a feeling of commitment to being . . .

I am better myself when I can do more for others . . .My burden is lightened by lightening the same of others, and so on, my burden is no heavier nor lighter than any others, it’s only if . . . I can do something . . .

I am probably not explaining myself very well. I was emotional, with tears of joy during our service today . . .

I am so happy for it.

My fave was probably when Mom fixed Manny’s collar, after Eucharist, Manny had a funny look on his face 🙂 it was too cool.

I enjoyed the young man coming up to lead the prayers

I enjoyed the congregation leading the prayers in 1 or 2 (or more)

I enjoyed Manny’s sermon

I enjoyed the open and free attitude of optimism

I enjoyed Timmy and Noah actually reading with Papa (had not seen that before)

Love you!!! Please pass this on to Manny… I don’t have his email address

Nice job all!!!

Loving son,


How wonderful and how blessed it is to have friends come and encounter such a positive experience at St. Nicholas. Consider inviting family and friends who may be searching for a house of worship that truly has a ‘family’ feel. There is always room for more at St. Nicholas and we welcome all God’s people…period!


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