News from St Nick: The Big Bang Theory That We Are All God


Okay, who out there is a fan of the Big Bang Theory? I’m not referring to “the” big bang, but the CBS TV show. A friend of mine insisted I watch the show; to “give it a chance” and I was bound to like it. She was so right.

Four highly intellectually gifted college professors, who still manage to find the simple pleasures and joy in comic books, Star Wars and Star Trek and the equally entertaining and delightfully charming women in their lives provide plenty of laughs. And, if one is able to keep up and/or makes heads or tails of what the scientific jargon they speak, one may be able to learn a few things, too. In simple terms; the show is just plain funny and a treat.

Well, the creator of the series, Chuck Lorre, who I assume to be rather intellectual, too, closes each episode with a little “kernel of wisdom” or a personal philosophy. Watching an episode the other night, I paused the closing credits long enough to read what Chuck Lorre had to share–what his philosophy or message was. And, so now, I would like to share with you, my dear friends and faith community in the hope that all of us find it as rewarding and heart-warming as did yours truly. I’m happy to share:

A wise man once told me that we are all God in drag. I like that. Sometimes when I’m in a public place or sitting at a stop light, I’ll watch people walking by and I’ll silently say to myself, “He’s God.” “She’s God.” “He’s God.” “She’s God.” Before long I always find myself feeling a warm sense of affinity for these strangers. The experience is even more powerful when I do this while observing a person who is clearly suffering . . . -Chuck Lorre

There you have it.

We are all called to be “God-like” in our actions and behavior toward one another. Whether that person is a stranger or someone we’ve known all our life, it is our calling, our “mandate” to treat that person with respect, with care, with love and in the same spirit that God cares for, treats and loves all His children. Not so easy, is it? Then again, as Chuck Lorre says, consider the warm feeling we receive when we do behave in just such a Christian manner? We are not to expect anything in return for our Christian and ethical treatment of others…but when we do get that “warm feeling,” or a “thank you,” or a “God bless you,” well, we have received a gift that simply keeps on giving.

Enjoy the day which the Lord gives us and practice random acts of kindness. Imagine if we all did this! What a much more delightful, peaceful and loving world we would have.



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