The Vicar’s Corner: Rummage Sale A Success

Our Saturday volunteers for the rummage sale

Our Saturday volunteers for the rummage sale

Well, my dear sisters and brothers, we did it.  Our annual St. Nick’s Knacks Rummage Sale was another wild success.  Any time we’re able to gather so much amazing goodies, clean it up, display it so as to look nice and appealing, mingle and respect our customers as we did and sell so much, well, I’ll always call that a success regardless of how much we raised!  And rightly so.  Fortunately, we were blessed and we did raise an amazing total of just over $4000.00.

I wish to personally thank each and everyone who did so very, very much to ensure the success of this major fundraiser.   People took time off from their places of employment in order to be on hand and help out when assistance was most desperately needed.  Long days at the office were followed up with several more hours of volunteering at the church.  I don’t know why I allow myself to fall prey to the element of surprise and wonderment, because, yet again, the community of St. Nicholas did what it always does…the community came to the fore and did it up right!  The community of St. Nicholas stepped to the plate and hit a home run.  Not just a home run, mind you, but a grand slam, in the bottom of the ninth, with two outs and the home team trailing by 3 runs.  We won!  We won!

And, my beloved friends, it’s not just the financial gains we’ve received through this endeavor.  As important as a good fundraiser is for a community our size, there are much more important things to consider.  It is the continuous building of community, the bonds of friendships that are created and strengthened, the sharing of time and talent and treasures and engaging in ministry that is so essential.  In these sort of events, I like to stress the word “fun” that is found in the word “fundraiser.”  After all, what’s wrong with having a good time while we all do a very good thing for our church?  There were a few occasions when I would stop what I was doing, look out into the church and see the energy of the volunteers, take in the friendly banter that was sweet music to my tired ears and I would smile and let flow that lovely, warm feeling of bliss and joy overwhelm me.

To everyone, and you all know who you are, THANK YOU for your amazing dedication and care.  I can’t prove it but I am sure God is equally pleased to see His children work so hard, in order to share the Good News of Jesus, Our Redeemer with the world.  That’s what it’s all about.


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