Vicar’s Corner: The Changes Of The Seasons, New Growth, and A Celebration

“And the seasons, they go round and round.” This line from one of my favorite songs certainly sets the tempo for this particular edition of News from Nick. We Midwesterners understand all too well the nature of the seasons: the effortless flow from spring to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter and back to spring. We all have our favorite time of year, that is a given. For me, hands down, it would be autumn. Love the color changes, the scents of a field full of ripened crops and freshly cut hay, it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold…it is ” just right.” The dusk of summer is very much in sight as autumn is knocking at our door. Fall mums have been planted and have made themselves very much at home. Before an early winter freeze visits and before the grounds harden, the tulips and lily bulbs shortly will follow to their designated garden spots. In several months’ time, we will see the efforts of these late summer/early autumn plantings come to even greater and more colorful fruition.

Within the church, we are doing some other forms of planting. We have been tilling a much different soil, preparing ourselves and our environment for events that will provide us untold delights. Later this month, a formal, Liturgical celebration of 50 years of sailing in peace, love and unity as a community of faith in our present church building, with Bishop Lee as our celebrant and preacher will set the tempo. And yet, there is much more to come. Prepare to be entertained with concerts from our own St. Nicholas Choir under the skilled and capable leadership of Mary Fletcher-Gomez; dancing, mystery and an array of fabulous foods will also make their way into our place with an old-fashioned murder mystery right here at St. Nicholas.

If we’re going to host so many events, it is fitting to have a facility that is up to par. Why put new wine into an old wine skin? The church and gathering space are being updated and undergoing major changes. New windows on the south side (windows closest to the parking lot) have been installed with more repairs to come. New vents have been installed in three of the west side windows and another vent will be installed above the choir room door. These vents will allow fresh air to flow throughout the worship space and not to mention keeping our facility up to “city code.” In time, beautiful stained glass windows that once graced St. Bede’s Church will find their new home in the windows of our St. Nicholas. All good things will come as we go about these repairs and additions, slowly but ever so surely.

In time and with much hard work, planning and cooperation we will reap the fruits of our labor. The gardens, those outside and the garden that is us are taking on new life. Let’s all savor what is transpiring before our very eyes. Let’s celebrate our efforts, our hard work and sacrifices and all the while, remember that these and all our efforts are for God’s greater glory. And by the way, I have it from a very reliable source, which is my heart, that God is highly pleased with our efforts. Again, another reason to celebrate!



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