The Vicar’s Corner: Thanksgiving, My Favorite Holiday

2013 Thanksgiving Eve Sermon by Father Manny
Thanksgiving…a time, “an event,” and anniversary for we Americans that provides us the opportunity to slow down, just enough, and give our
rightful and due thanks to the Lord for His bounteous and generous blessings.

Thanksgiving…my favorite holiday, by far and wide.

Thanksgiving…to my beloved Community of St. Nicholas, my family near and far and all those who have blessed and gifted my life with their friendship and love, may I extend to each and all my warmest and most heart-felt blessings and well wishes.
Be assured my prayers are with you and in your name and honor.

Whatever your plans and with whom you are to spend this special day, make it a joyful and glad day. Be mindful of those who go without and ask God to sustain and give guidance and blessings. May we all be truly grateful and thankful for all we have and know, deep in our hearts and minds, that God truly loves us; for we are His children and He never waivers in His merciful care for us.


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