Vicar’s Corner: The Slotted Spoon In Lent

“A slotted spoon holds little soup, but a slotted spoon can hold a potato.”

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At first glance, one may ask what does this phrase have to do with anything remotely related to Lent? Well, ones’ questioning such a statement is warranted. It’s not what one would expect to hear in any church setting let alone use in the same breath as Lent and all that is spiritual or sacred.

Then again, let’s think about it, shall we?

When we approach our faith like a slotted spoon, we are certainly not going to “hold” or “retain” much. All that comes to us slips through and is lost. However, we are certainly capable and afforded the opportunity of retaining much if we embrace and hold tight to those “solid” elements of our faith:

That Jesus loves us unconditionally.
That Jesus forgives us our sins when we are truly and sincerely sorry for our offenses.
That we are at our best when we celebrate the gift of our faith as a community, a family of believers.
That there is nothing we can not bring to the Lord and receive His strength, His guidance and His support.
That Jesus truly sacrificed Himself for us so that we can gain Eternal Life in Paradise.

When we take these teachings; embrace them fully, and completely intertwine them as part of the very fiber of our being, we are connecting ourselves with our God in such a way that nothing can overcome or conquer our faith. Nothing is more powerful than the love God has for us and the love we have for God, Jesus the Son and the Spirit that is ever-Holy.

Slotted spoons have their place in a kitchen cupboard, but have no role when it comes to our relationship with God the Creator, God’s Son Jesus the Christ and the Paraclete — the Holy Spirit. We are not to let these most sacred and divine gifts slip through and be lost. Even at our best we are prone to fall and err. Fortunately and blessedly so, God understands and continues to be present, to be attainable and listens to our call and plea. And so, slotted spoon or not, God stays with us, Jesus remains ever close and the Holy Spirit continues to be firmly and lovingly within our heart and soul.


Father Manny150

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