Vicar’s Corner: Share The Gift of Christ

“You may know what you want, but to get what you need, better see that you keep what you have.”

Now this is a tough, complicated one, isn’t it? But, it does give us pause to consider of what our relationship with Jesus consists.

Let’s see: we have this amazing gift of Jesus, who willingly and lovingly presents Himself to us. We have Him…He is ours. But, being human we need more and we want more. So, we search, we hunt and we explore just how we can gain more. And all the while Jesus is there…He is here…He is before us…He is within us.

Fortunately, Jesus is patient, He is gentle, kind and loving beyond all measure and all telling. While we pursue that which we believe will give us even greater joy and happiness, our true source for all that will make this life of ours on earth pleasing and satisfactory, and that which will afford us the gift of eternal life in Paradise itself is right here: Jesus our Holy Redeemer. It is not gained solely by believing in Jesus and placing our trust in Him alone. It is this, truly. However, salvation comes to all who live their life in a goodly and Godly manner…living life “as” Jesus did and not “like” Jesus did. There was and will only be one Jesus. But, we can all emulate how He lived His life as we embrace, love and accept all God’s people as true sisters and brothers to one another, all being children of the One, True God.

This equation is getting to be more and more simple, really. Let’s take it from the top, shall we? Jesus is what we want and desire. We have Him; He is ours and He willingly and loving gives Himself to us. We need Jesus even more; so we have to journey through this life in order to better gain His presence in a much fuller and greater degree in the Life to come. So, in order to get to that greater place, we focus on what we already have and make sure we keep, and — no need to remind ourselves but I’ll do it anyway — to “share” this Gift we are given. And all the while, in our efforts to better know Christ, to better understand Christ and to gain even more of His grace and blessings, all we need do is live according to what He asked of us; that is, to love and treat others as we would have others love and treat us. This is the way to Him and Jesus has laid it out for us quite plainly and clearly.

The Old Testament first mandated the need for forgiveness and healing. In the New Testament, Jesus fulfilled this law and brought it into a whole new Light…He being that source of illumination.

Let us be light to one another. Let us savor that which we already have; that which we desire more of, and share the gift of Christ our Lord with all we meet in the words we speak and in the actions of our hands and hearts.


Father Manny150

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