Father Manny: Storing Up Treasures

It was a long weekend.  A long but very successful and rewarding weekend.  Douglas and I had a garage sale and we were able to move out a bunch of stuff.  What hadn’t sold…it’s coming to St. Nicholas’ sale and that means lots of vintage and antique goodies that hopefully will catch the eye of a prospective and discerning buyer!

Thursday, the first of a two-day sale, we were blessed with visits from a number of neighbors who came and shopped.  More importantly, our neighbors stayed, talked and we shared stories of ourselves.  They brought food and drink to share.  We got to know one another.  We engaged in conversations that have forged newer and deeper relationships with the people who, literally speaking, surround us.  What a better and more pleasant way to live when the people around us are friends and cherished ones and not just “the people next door or across the street.”

Our St. Nick’s Knacks Rummage Sale is our biggest and largest fund raiser of the year (aside from the Capital Campaign which is an on-going fund raiser until all the funds needed are raised). While the primary objective is to raise much needed funds that help sustain and promote various ministries at St. Nicholas, there is some thing even more important: the time spent with one another while we work.  We gather to pray as a community.  We gather to work and toil, to put things together and take things apart as a community, too.  And all the while, we get to know each other better; we grow closer to our sisters and brothers of this wonderful place we call St. Nicholas Church.

My friends, with so much going on in our lives, it is difficult for me to ask yet more of you.  But, this is our church:  this building where we spend a mere fraction of our time but provides the greatest, sacred and most valuable of space for us to gather.  This is why it is so vital that we, each of us, again, as we can, how we can and when we can, pitch in and help make this year’s rummage sale and all our parish events successful, meaningful and the source of many fond memories which, in time, we will look back at and smile.

Come on down…sign up and let’s get our sleeves rolled up and get to the business of selling all these treasures.  And what a good time we will all have.



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