Pledge Drive 2022 To Begin Soon

Our 2022 Annual Pledge Drive has begun. Forms have been distributed. Now, the process of discernment begins. Let us ask ourselves how best we can aid and assist our church. Every pledge is meaningful. Every pledge is appreciated. Every pledge is necessary and needed.

The financial contributions of each and every member of our church community allows us to continue our ministries, to keep our Episcopal red doors open and provide ministry, mission and worship.

Pray and ponder how we can each make a profound difference. If we’ve pledged in the past, perhaps increasing this year’s amount by ten or twenty dollars a month. If we have not pledged in the past, perhaps this is the year we start. The more pledging members, the easier it is for us to prepare our budget. Without a workable and feasible budget, well then, we are unable to provide for our church family and welcome all who call our
St. Nicholas Church “home.”

Certainly, we do not wish to place anyone in a position of hardship. We understand all too well that for some, financial assistance would indeed be difficult. Sharing of one’s time and talent is just as important. Consider how we can help and assist, by volunteering at church. There’s always something to do.

We ask that pledge forms be returned to church by December 20th. Certainly, late pledges will be honored. Together, we will continue to be the kind of church where all are welcomed and wanted; the kind of church that moves forward and onward, with joyful worship and communal pride.

Please, if there are questions or concerns, do not hesitate in contacting me for additional information. Email me by clicking here. I am here, for my church family.

Thank you, one and all, for your continued support, generosity and consideration. God bless us, one and all.

Fr. Manny
Vicar: St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

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