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Father Manuel "Manny" Borg is the Vicar of St Nicholas, Elk Grove Village

Pledge Drive 2022 To Begin Soon

Our 2022 Annual Pledge Drive has begun. Forms have been distributed. Now, the process of discernment begins. Let us ask ourselves how best we can aid and assist our church. Every pledge is meaningful. Every pledge is appreciated. Every pledge is necessary and needed.

The financial contributions of each and every member of our church community allows us to continue our ministries, to keep our Episcopal red doors open and provide ministry, mission and worship.

Pray and ponder how we can each make a profound difference. If we’ve pledged in the past, perhaps increasing this year’s amount by ten or twenty dollars a month. If we have not pledged in the past, perhaps this is the year we start. The more pledging members, the easier it is for us to prepare our budget. Without a workable and feasible budget, well then, we are unable to provide for our church family and welcome all who call our
St. Nicholas Church “home.”

Certainly, we do not wish to place anyone in a position of hardship. We understand all too well that for some, financial assistance would indeed be difficult. Sharing of one’s time and talent is just as important. Consider how we can help and assist, by volunteering at church. There’s always something to do.

We ask that pledge forms be returned to church by December 20th. Certainly, late pledges will be honored. Together, we will continue to be the kind of church where all are welcomed and wanted; the kind of church that moves forward and onward, with joyful worship and communal pride.

Please, if there are questions or concerns, do not hesitate in contacting me for additional information. Email me by clicking here. I am here, for my church family.

Thank you, one and all, for your continued support, generosity and consideration. God bless us, one and all.

Fr. Manny
Vicar: St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

To donate securely online to St. Nicholas, please click the image below:

The Last of Autumn’s Majesty and Wonder

Fall Leaves
The days of autumn are slowly fading as winter is just itching to make her presence felt. Oh, there is still much to enjoy in this beautiful season. There are maple trees that are ablaze in color. I love the contrast of trees; some with bare branches while a neighboring tree fights ferociously to hold on to what leaves she has left. The sunsets seem to be so much more dramatic. Let’s not overlook the sunrises which not just usher in the new day but awaken the soul and spirit to breathe in deep and prepare for what is yet to be. Squirrels are scurrying about, burying their winter and spring supplies, to keep themselves fed. There is a great deal going on…if we just take a moment and take it in.
I was up and out of the house for my early morning run/walk, per usual. The sun was slumbering, just barely peaking over the eastern horizon. The air was not what one would say “crisp,” but cool enough. There was an intense silence; a quiet that almost convinced me I ought to be back home, in bed, with the covers pulled high over my head. No thank you. There is a unique joy being up and out so early. It’s like the day is all mine and I’m selfishly going to keep it to myself.
Yes, there was silence, but that was broken in a very particular manner. I turned toward the north and there, in the slowly brightening sky, the first of the geese formations making their yearly pilgrimage to their “holy land,” that being warmer climates far to the south. These amazing creatures, blessed with such instinct trek thousands of miles each autumn, escaping the Union and settling somewhere deep in the Confederacy. There’s no war, aside from all these winged visitors trying desperately to find a place to nest and bear their young. Enough room for so many can be a problem. Yet, they all manage to find their place and make a home for themselves. Yes. It is amazing and a wonder.
I continued my gaze up at this natural phenomenon until they were well beyond my view, though I could still hear their distinctive “honk honk” for a bit longer. Oddly, I was left with a saddened feeling. I’m not sure why, but as they ventured south, I felt badly. ‘What will become of them?’ I thought to myself. Strange, I admit, but nature often times leaves us asking questions as to how and why things happen as they do. And with our questioning is born a number of emotional responses.
Nature provides us but a glimpse into the grandeur and glory of the Creator; the One who fashioned and molded all things. God put the “wheels in motion.” The universe came into being. Crawling, creeping, flying and swimming creatures took to the land, the sky and the seas. Humankind was fashioned in the very image of the Creator. Breath was blown into our lungs. Our eyes slowly and with some effort were opened and a beautiful world awaited our discovery. And in our discoveries began the quest of questioning, of wondering, of pondering the mysteries of the Universe. Questioning leads to wisdom. Wisdom is rather lonely without the companionship of sharing and caring with others what we know and what we hold sacred.
And to think, all this reflecting was born of an early morning foray out into the darkness of predawn, in the company of a flock of geese. These geese did not know it, but they were sharing their “wisdom” with this one, solo being, who took in their wonder and was left in awe.
My friends, I encourage us all to take a little time and take in the last of autumn’s majesty and wonder. Pick up one of those deep, red leaves and trace its lines and curves. Pick up some pine cones, take them home and ‘bake them’ in low heat for about thirty minutes. Let them cool down, place in a wooden bowl, admire their simple beauty and let them remind us of whence they came. Come winter, be sure to engage in the beauty of all that snow and wind and remember, it’s all for us, to savor, to ponder and to find joy in it all.

Annual Stewardship Campaign: How To Do It (Squirming Not Required)

Late into summer the days are shorter and the nights are blessedly cooler and much, more comfortable. The kids have ‘joyfully’ returned to school. College football is back. Department stores already have Halloween, Thanksgiving and even some Christmas decorations out on the shelves. “Time and tide waits for no one,” or so did say St. Marher in the year of our Lord, 1225. Or, was it Goeffrey Chaucer in his “The Prologue to the Clerk’s Tale” of 1368? Regardless, some one said it and it fits.

At St. Nicholas, it is time for us to begin the conversation about Stewardship.

We, as a community, have been extraordinarily and graciously generous. This community of faith, our St. Nicholas Church family understands the need for financial support in order for us to continue to provide ministry and worship both within and outside the church. The kindness shown St. Nicholas by each member allows us to keep the lights on, heat and air to keep us comfortable and safe, make necessary repairs and improvements, grow our gardens for the greater glory of God, purchase the necessary items needed at worship and helps to keep our food pantry shelves stocked. And yes, our generosity helps finance our staff’s salary. We are exceptionally fortunate that the Support Groups that call St. Nicholas home continue to share their bounty with us as well. Their generosity helps defray some of the cost of utilities and other such expenses.

Finances are a very personal matter. It is a delicate and sensitive subject. Truthfully, it makes us all squirm a bit and personally, I do not feel comfortable bringing up the subject. Nonetheless, it is a necessary and important conversation that must be had. Without the financial support of our church family, we would be unable to accomplish all that we do.

We will begin our Annual Stewardship Campaign in early October. I ask us all to pray, to discern and to think about how we can continue to help and support our church. Let us all consider how best we can create a healthy and vibrant house of worship. There are various way to pledge to the church. This will all be explained with inserts and articles in upcoming editions of News From Nick and mailings. Please; it is not our intention to burden any one. We ask that we all give, as we can and what we can. Time shared in ministry and volunteering, along with the sharing of talent for the betterment of others is just as important as the financial, “bottom dollar.” All that is received helps us to not just exist, but to grow stronger and healthier. Any questions, concerns or thoughts, please do not hesitate in approaching any one of our finance team members, (Bob Kalicki, Ray Malecek and me) we’re here to help and assist as best we can.

“Therefore I say unto you, What things, soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them.”
Mark 11: 24

In advance, thank you everyone for your consideration, your thoughtfulness and your willing generosity.




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