The Tragic Case Of The Vandalizing Church Organist

This is a shocking development; last fall a small Episcopal church in Indiana was vandalized right after Election Day, with an offensive message, “Heil Trump.” It was reported by the church organist.

Following a classic mystery trope, it turns out the person who reported the crime committed it. He apparently hoped to spark political outrage over the election, but the story went national and became a huge issue.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preaches at St David's in Bean Blossom IN

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry, preached at the church, St David’s of Bean Blossom IN, the Sunday after the organist confessed to local police. The church’s rector was unaware that the organist was under suspicion before the arrest.

It’s all very troubling; what we must take away from this is that it is NEVER right to commit a wrong act in a good cause.

[Episcopal News Service] An organist has been arrested in the post-election vandalism at an Episcopal church in Indiana – an incident that generated national headlines in November as a possible case of politically motivated hate speech, but one that prosecutors now say was instead the act of som

Via: Church organist arrested in post-election vandalism at Episcopal congregation in Indiana

Amazon Search Box Is Back: Testers Needed

Cat in Amazon Box (Wikimedia Commons)

If you look at the left-side margin, you’ll see that there is an updated Amazon search box. Due to changes in Amazon’s affiliate program, they had “deprecated” the old search box in favor of more targeted ads, banners, and links to specific products.

However, this method may still work, although there are security features on this website that may affect the process.

If you have purchases to make on Amazon, please use the search box to start; anything purchased in that session benefits St Nicholas directly.