ONE: The Campaign To Make Poverty History

We at St Nicholas and Holy Innocents are beginning to think about how we can possibly help the poor and the homeless here and abroad. One way is become involved with various international aid campaigns. The ONE Campaign

One ( refers to the group’s push for nations to allocate 1 percent of their gross domestic product to combating poverty and AIDS. The group also calls for “debt cancellation, trade reform and anti-corruption measures
in a comprehensive package to help Africa and the poorest nations,” according to its Web site.

This is the American version of the Make Poverty History movement. There is a local Chicago group that is very active, although most of the events they set up information tables at are downtown.

People involved with ONE/Make Poverty History wear a white band, or white clothing at organized events, or even wrap entire buildings in white to bring attention to the issues of poverty and AIDS

Quite A Haul For The Needy

Quite A Haul For The Needy

St Nicholas took the “grocery bags for the hungry” idea that Holy Innocents has been using and ran with it on Sunday – the previous week, they distributed approximately 275 empty grocery bags, with shopping instructions. Yesterday, they sent out teams in several cars to canvass the neighborhood, looking for bags that had been left out.

Success!! As each car returned, it was greeted with cheers. Eventually, a total of 55 bags were collected, a very high rate of return. The food will benefit the Second Family program that St Nicholas has started, where they have contacted school counselors to identify needy families. Also, some bags will benefit the Holy Innocents Supplemental Food Pantry.

In other news, a neighborhood family that we at Holy Innocents helped with groceries and school clothes received a second helping of winter coats and school supplies. They were overwhelmed; one daughter was particularly happy with her pretty new winter coat, and another was delighted with her new skirt. They promise to put the school supplies to good use.

Although our physical builiding may close, we are striving to keep the doors of our hearts and spirits open as we go forward to join together with St Nicholas, and we are grateful for the opportunity to grow inwardly as we hope for the chance to grow outwardly.

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Title: Quite A Haul For The Needy
By: GinnyRED57
Happy faces for the successful food drive at St Nicholas, the parish community Holy Innocents will merge with at New Years’.
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