Children’s Formation


Long before Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus, he was known around the world for his love of children. At St. Nicholas Church, we keep the spirit of our parish patron saint alive!

At St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, we delight in the precious gift of children – not only because they are the future of our church, but because they radiate God’s love and joy right now. They enrich our experience of God in our midst, and we, in turn, strive to enrich theirs. We seek to share the message of God’s love with our children in a way that they can relate to, to nurture their relationship with God so they feel and share that love, and to help them grow in their understanding of the meaning – and impact – of celebrating the liturgy with their faith community.
At this time, on the 1st Sunday of each month children are invited to play active roles in the liturgy, and the homily speaks to the young and young at heart (all of us!). On the 3rd Sunday of each month, the children gather with two or three adults in the Noah’s Ark area of our narthex to read a version of the Gospel written for children, discuss the story in a way that is meaningful for them, and to do an activity that brings the message to life. Our program continues to evolve, and we invite you to take part in its creation!