Welcome To St Nicholas

You Are Always Welcome at St Nicholas

Please note: face masks are now optional for those fully vaccinated.  We ask that those who want to wear masks sit on the left side (as you face the altar) of the church, and those who don’t wear masks sit on the right side. The services will also be livestreamed simultaneously for those at home.  Click here at the times listed below to join us virtually.

Here’s our schedule for in person and online weekly worship:

Saturdays: Holy Eucharist at 4:30PM CST in person (masks optional) and on Facebook Live.
Sundays: Holy Eucharist at 10AM CST in person (masks optional) and on Facebook Live.
Tuesdays: Mid-day Reflection by Penny on Facebook Live.

To donate securely online to St. Nicholas, please click the image below:


Plan to join us on Friday, August 19th from 9AM to 7PM and Saturday, August 20th from 9AM to 3PM. Donations welcome, but please be sure what you donate is sellable.  NO appliances or TVs. We hope you’ll mark your calendar for the sale!

Online Calendar Supports iCal and has an RSS feed

Check out the ONLINE Calendar! It’s also available on our Calendar page, along with a “This Week at St Nick’s” item in the left margin.

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