Being St Nick

If you are seeking a new spiritual home, you are welcome at St. Nicholas. We are a small yet vibrant Episcopal church rooted in the catholic tradition of worship that also has an open, democratic approach to governance. You will be greeted respectfully by people who understand your journey, and who will not pressure you in one direction or another as you seek to discern God’s will for you.

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We’re glad you’re here, and we hope that you will feel emboldened to worship or attend a support meeting at St Nicholas. You can become part of a remarkable community simply by walking through the door. You, too, can “be St Nicholas,” and find spiritual meaning in living generously. To find out more about “the world’s favorite saint,” be sure to visit The St Nicholas Center: “Who Is St Nicholas?”.

St. Nicholas Church is many things to many people. We honor traditions handed down to us from the earliest of Christians, while we actively engage in the 21st century with a progressive faith that keeps step with current times. We are steeped in ancient liturgical practices, yet we do not shy away from expressing our beliefs in ways that are understandable and contemporary. We are dynamic and life-giving, yet, we are “static” as we maintain and practice, with full faith, the teachings of Christ, the apostles and the early disciples. We embrace our history, while we boldly move into the future, always professing Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


At St. Nicholas, our worship is as diverse as our community. We are Anglican in identity, though we graciously borrow from other faith traditions with regards to music and prayer.

The structure of our worship comes from the Book of Common Prayer, a staple in Anglican / Episcopal worship more than four hundred years.

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I Am St Nick

Read personal stories from the people of St Nicholas – or submit your story and a picture here.

Here is the first one, by our parish communications expert, Douglas VanHouten.

The community of St. Nicholas has changed my life. I’ve always felt that since most of time and energy is spent outside our church walls, most of our ministry happens outside those walls as well. However, my truth is that the community of St. Nicholas informs how I live “the other six days.”

I am inspired to be a better person when I watch Earl make someone completely welcome in acts as simple as walking over to get a bulletin for someone who didn’t take one upon entering.

I am reminded to live a bit more carefree when I witness our children–at their place of honor in church–simply enjoying being together and, without thought, sharing the materials provided for their common use.

I am mindful of the need to share the talents I have been given when I watch Bob step up to share his voice with the choir, and when I see Garrison and Jess faithfully join in choir practice.

I am motivated to serve others in my daily life–in even basic human acts such as holding open a door for another weary commuter at the train station–when I watch Scott, Eve, Cindy, Bob, Jay, Manny and others in action caring for our guests at the Holy Innocents Food Pantry.

I am humbled when I see the warm welcome Manny gives people during the week as they come to St. Nicholas seeking a safe place, shelter, a kind ear, and most of all a reminder that God loves them.

St. Nicholas is not a building. St. Nicholas is the spirit in the air in the walls of our building – a spirit palpable outside our walls. St. Nicholas is you. St. Nicholas is the person who seeks that reminder that God loves them. St. Nicholas is every guest at our Food Pantry. St. Nicholas is our music.

I am St. Nick. And, as such, I am also responsible for taking a share in everything written about above.