The Holy Innocents Food Pantry at St. Nicholas: Getting The Word Out

As I am sure you all are aware, St. Nicholas maintains a food pantry. Currently, the pantry is stocked by generous donations from the congregation, Little Boots Foundation, La Preferida, the people of St. Simon’s in Arlington Heights, a vending company and a Food Depository in Romeoville.

We are seeking ideas on where we might be able to obtain food and other non perishable items for the pantry and how to get the word out about the pantry.

We are grateful for everything that we receive and are able to make available for those in need in the community. As noted in the News from Nick each week, the Pantry is open on the First, Third and Fourth Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. When guests come to the pantry, they are allowed to help themselves to the items they will use. Except for a few items (cereal, tuna, canned meats) we usually do not limit the amount of one item they may take. They are asked to be respectful of the fact there are other guests who use the pantry. We do limit them to three bags of groceries per visit. Yes, this way does cause shortages of some items, and creates an overabundance of other items. If we have an overabundance, we share with other pantries and the community.

One question we have received at times is how do we know the people who use the pantry are in need, and the answer we give is “It is between them and God.” We feel that we are filling a need for those who may be working, thus not qualify for aid elsewhere, but are having trouble making ends meet.


We are seeking ideas on where we might be able to obtain food and other non perishable items for the pantry and how to get the word out about the pantry.

However, our main goal for this, is to find out how you, the Congregation, would like to see the food pantry run. Do you have ideas on how to help out the community more than we currently do? Would you prefer to see us do things differently? If we did something differently, would you help out more? Currently there is a core of 5 volunteers who run the pantry.

Please help us help others.

Scott Cummings

Today at St Nick | Support, Spirit and Singing

Noon  AA
6:00 pm  Wednesday Eucharist
6:45 pm  Choir Practice
7:30 pm  Al-Anon

There’s no Food Pantry on second Wednesdays like today, but plenty of other things are going on.

The weekday Noontime AA offers support to those struggling with addiction to alcohol.

The NEW Midweek Eucharist at 6pm. Take time out from your busy week to reflect, from the Book of Common Prayer, on “things done, and things left undone.” Let go of hurt, anger, and pain: come and be refreshed.

Choir at 645pm. Advent, the Feast of St Nicholas, and Christmas is coming! The choir is working on LOTS of special music. Current plans include a Service of Lessons and Carols for Christmas Eve, be sure to mark your calendar.

Al-Anon at 7:30pm. Get support if you are the family member or friend of someone struggling with alcohol or other addiction. Large, active group meets in Holy Innocents Hall with breakouts in the Gathering Space.

Food Pantry Now Open 1st, 3rd, 4th Wedesday Evenings

The St Nicholas Food Pantry is now open the first, third, and fourth Wednesday of the month from 430pm to 630pm. We’re grateful for the assistance we get with food donations from other area repositories, and also from area food service companies. We’re also thankful for the gift of time and care from our group of volunteers, who sort cans and greet guests.

Demand for food across the Chicago suburbs is on the rise, placing more of a burden on local and regional food providers trying to do more with less.

Many food banks and pantries dependent on donations to stock shelves and buy groceries are barely getting by, while others are expanding to reach more hungry mouths.

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