Next Via Media: April 5th – “Sin”


Via Media is a powerful resource for building Christian community, bringing people into the Church who previously have felt alienated or unwelcome. Our Church stands on the threshold of a marvelous evangelism opportunity, and the actions of General Convention 2003 opened the door. Via Media is the resource we need to open the door even wider and keep it open for all who seek the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The next Via Media Lenten program resumes on Tuesday, April 5th at 6:30pm at Holy Innocents (after Holy Week and Easter Week). The simple supper of soup, bread, and salad will be hosted by St Columba. The next topic under discussion will be Sin. That ought to be a lively topic!

This past week’s discussion on “The Bible” ranged widely and enjoyably as everyone responded to the video, which this week featured two members of the Episcopal clergy who are also bloggers: AKMA, and Susan Russell.

There was much discussion of “the three-legged stool” of Anglican theology, where Scripture, Tradition and Reason are the legs that support our faith. This time, participants were given homework… which I’ve just remembered is one of those “things left undone” that will have to be tackled later.

Please try to make some time to come to the next Via Media meeting if you’re in the area, it’s an interesting and thought-provoking program, and the soup is good too.

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