Past Is Future

This is interesting, as Holy Innocents is pretty “high” on the liturgical scale of things (for this part of the country, anyway):

Choosing the “high church” or Anglo-Catholic format for the new service also was deliberate. Hawkins said several studies had shown that the post-Gen X group, known as the “baby busters,” is attracted to high ceremonial worship as a reaction against the casual style of services preferred by their baby boomer parents.

“There is a critical mass of younger persons who are drawn to more formal styles of work,” said Hawkins. “As a liturgical church, it’s easy for us to do that, so we’re drawing upon a part of our tradition that was not drawn upon previously.” — Episcopal Life

Even more interestingly, they use a trial version of the Eucharistic liturgy. There are a couple of nice pictures on the page as well.

This topic was raised earlier today in a workshop attended by several members of the Bishop’s Committee.

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