Photos Galore

It was an incredible day in many ways – incredibly hot, incredibly hard work, and incredibly cool when the classic cars finally roared in and took their places on the lawn.

Full-size photos have been uploaded to the church gallery page, but here is a selection of the highlights. Click on the image to go to its page on the gallery site.

All the PT Cruisers lined up in the best spot on the site: the shady corner closest to the driveway.

Linda Milner and her grandson Michael got to go up on the lifting platform of Hoffman Estate Fire Department’s Truck 22. Two trucks from HEFD came for a community education appearance; the second truck stayed longer, but left in a big hurry with sirens wailing, lights flashing, and the horn blaring. It was very exciting and it wasn’t all for show; they returned to thank us for the invitation to put on a demonstration later, after they attended the scene of a minor traffic accident.

Linda and Susan share a laugh while in the background Katie works the raffle table.

Father Ted and Doreen kept their cool somehow at the baked goods table; Doreen’s strategy was literally to “think cool.” Earlier in the morning, Fr. Ted had presided at a very short outdoor Eucharist for the show crew before he headed over for the early service at St Columba’s

He stayed in the clerical collar almost all day – now that’s dedication to the cloth.

A truly fine wine-colored Mustang.

Nanette brought beautifully decorated cookies that were shaped like cars, trucks, and even fuzzy dice. The box alone was incredibly creative.

Remmer drives to the finish line – the only other section of the site with shade for several cars. There he set up a little area for his Ford, his futuristic tractor, and his camp chairs.

The incredible futuristic streamlined tractor. Definitely the most unusual vehicle in the show.

Katie! We need more Diet Pepsi! We need more Diet Pepsi!

By this time it was essential to drink lots of water and wear a hat, but Mark braved the heat while David wandered around taking photos.

If you look closely, the Corvette Club members have moved into the shade of the second fire truck. Seen from the lifting platform of the first truck. David also got to go up so he could take photos.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without Tim, grilling in the sun (in more ways than one, poor guy).

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