Top Ten Reasons To Love Being Episcopalian

10. Anglican Aerobics are good for you …. sit-stand-kneel, sit-stand-kneel, sit-stand-kneel.
9. We get to drink real wine at church …. even on Sunday.
8. Not only can Episcopal women wear pants … they can be Deacons, Priests and Bishops. (and now, Presiding Bishops! – ed.)
7. We "proselytize" by serving our fellow man, not by assaulting him on the street corner and telling him that he is bound for hell.
6. You don't need a life guard on duty to be baptized … a small measuring cup will do. (just wait until the first adult baptism at St Nicholas!)
5. Our Bishops are real people … they will sit on the ground and play "duck-duck-goose" with the kids at camp. (Diocese of Central PA)
4. We "respect the dignity of ALL human beings" be they black, white, gay, or straight.
3. Our National Cathedral has a very cool Darth Vader gargoyle .
2. There has never been an "Episcopal Inquisition" …. God gave you a brain – we encourage you to use it.
1. Scripture … Tradition … and …. REASON !!!! Need I say more ?? – MOMUS OPERANDI


This is an oldie, but bears repeating.  

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