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You may have seen this article:

Hoffman Church Jumps On Blog Craze

Barbra Streisand has one. So do writer Dave Barry and the Speaker of the House, not to mention tens of thousands of regular, everyday Americans.

But a church with a blog?

That is indeed the story at Holy Innocents Episcopal Church in Hoffman Estates, where volunteer webmaster Ginny Gibbs has been running a church-focused blog for about a year now.

Yes, this article is about little old Holy Innocents’ website and blog! So if you have found your way to this page via the article, welcome. If you’re a parishioner, yay us!

Not mentioned in the article is, “why do we have a blog?” It’s partly because blogs are a way of tracking events and having a kind of chronological narrative on a website – which meshes well with the way we go through the cycle of the liturgical year.

Mostly, though, it’s because it was harder to maintain the website using a well-known commercial web product, and your webmistress was familiar with blogging software.

Innocents: A Blog is not the only Episcopal weblog out there ( is a well known example), but it’s nice to be noticed.

A printable version of this article is here.

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