Food Distribution Tuesday 6pm-730pm


Tomorrow night the first evening distribution of food will take place at Holy Innocents from 6pm to 730pm. This evening distribution is to fill a need that we see, where the Schaumburg Food Pantry is not open after 5pm weekdays.

If successful, and if the need is there, we will be evaluating whether additional evening distributions can take place.

Our heartfelt thanks go to our neighbors a few blocks to the south, and a few blocks to the north, whose generous donations of groceries made our supplemental food pantry possible. Our thanks also to Trader Joe’s in Arlington Heights, who donated a large number of their heavy-duty shopping bags for our food drive.

Bags are packed to try to provide 2 meal options per bag, for either families or single persons. Also some bags are packed with food items that don’t require much in the way of cooking facilities, for those families and singles who might be living in cars, or living shelter to shelter. One bag (possibly two bags depending on demand) will be given out per household.

As this program is just beginning, we’re starting small, but hope to expand it in the months and years to come.

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