Holy Innocents to Merge with St Nicholas

The building that housed Holy Innocents for so many years will close, but the community of Holy Innocents' people will go on into the future with the community of St Nicholas' people, in their building. The final service at Holy Innocents will be a Festival Eucharist for the Feast of the Holy Innocents on Sunday, Dec. 31, atr 10:00am (note time is one half hour earlier than usual). This will be a combined celebration with both communities; there will not be a service at St Nicholas that day. Our first service in our new home will be Sunday, January 7th. Current plans are for an early "traditional music" Eucharist, and a later "contemporary music" Eucharist, bridged by Christian education for adults and children. There is room for hope and joy as well as for remembrance and sadness in this change, however. In the coming weeks and months, please feel free to visit the people of Holy Innocents for 9am Eucharist, and be a part of something that will be reborn in a new place.

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