Christmas 2006


Father Steve celebrated four Eucharists at St Nicholas (with the Holy Innocents) on December 24: one combined Sunday service for the fourth Sunday in Advent at Holy Innocents, a family Mass at St Nick's in the afternoon, an evening Christmas Eve mass at Holy Innocents, and a traditional Midnight Mass at St Nick's.

In the photo, you see he's holding a beautiful loaf of bread that he's about to break for the Eucharist. We've usually used communion wafers at Holy Innocents, and we'll continue that tradition and others in the new space. We'll share more than a building.

After next week, we're all in the same building. One bread, one body.

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Title: SteveXmas
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Our vicar, Steve, from the 11pm Christmas Eve celebration at St Nicholas
Originally uploaded: 26 Dec '06, 1.13pm CST PST

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