January 27

“Service to the poor and lowly is not optional…it is a requirement for the follower of Christ.”
— Gerard Thomas Straub

Bishops’ committee focuses on structure

When the Bishop’s Committee met this past Sunday, much of the talk was about the need to standardize some of our practices and focus on developing structures that will serve us better and facilitate our growth.

Much of this began with the observation that our collection of the offering is often haphazard, and sometimes people who wish to put money in the basket, do not ever have the basket come their way. Starting today, expect this to be more formal.

That discussion then served as a springboard to additional discussions about how we welcome and incorporate people, how we prepare coffee hour, and more.

There also was some vigorous discussion about whether we are well served by having two liturgies or whether it would be better to have one. This led to a recognition that there is a yearning in the congregation to be one congregation. We talked about how we could accomplish this in a variety of ways, noting that during the summer we will have a single liturgy, but that the wonderful start with adult education offered another, and some social events will offer still another.

We agreed, though perhaps not unanimously, that staying with two liturgies during much of the year was an important tool for growth.

Choir note

Mary reminds choir members – and any who would like to join the choir – that the first rehearsal will be on February 11 at 8:15 a.m. sharp. During the week, rehearsals will be on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m., beginning on the 14th, with a time adjustment during the season of Lent.

Rides to church needed

Help needed to transport a family of 4 from Hoffman Estates to St. Nicholas with the Holy Innocents. The Bollyn family – two adults, two children — does not have a car and will need a ride to get to the new building. They live just a couple of blocks from the Holy Innocents building. Let me know by email ASAP if you can help — onebreadonebody@sbcglobal.net.

Additionally, two women who live near Alexian Brothers Hospital need rides to church on Sunday. Pam lives at Alexian Village Assisted Living, and Dorcas lives in a condo down the street. Frank and Suzie Pleticha have generously offered to give them a ride, but would like to alternate with some others so that they can attend adult ed on Sundays. If you can help out, please let Mary Anne O’Rourke or Frank and Suzie know.

Visit to Buddhist Temple on February 3rd

A discussion during a recent Team Awesome teen education class revealed a desire by many to learn more about Buddhism and, in particular, to visit a Buddhist temple. On Saturday, February 3rd at 11 a.m., St. Nicholas with the Holy Innocents will be visiting the Shinnyo-en Japanese Buddhist Temple in Elk Grove Village for a service to celebrate the coming of spring. We will be throwing beans around the temple, but you’ll have to come to find out why! The service at will be followed by a tour of the temple, during
which visitors are invited to ask questions. The temple is located at 120 E. Devon Avenue in Elk Grove. As everyone is coming from different directions, we will just meet at the temple. For more information on Shinnyo-en Buddhism, and the religion in general, you are encouraged to visit http://www.shinnyo-en.org.

Anyone wishing to attend should contact Ethan Jewett at jewett_ethan@yahoo.com, so that he can give the temple a final count of participants. Adults and children, as well as teens, are more than welcome to attend.

Annual meeting to be in April

Rather than try to hold an annual meeting of our newly combined congregation at the typical time in late January or early February, we will hold this year’s annual meeting after Easter.

Bring one or more food items each Sunday

Our food pantry will benefit greatly if we all remember to do this each Sunday. Place it on or beneath the table just inside the worship space.

Regular schedule now underway

  • Worship at 9 – the more formal liturgy
  • 10 Education hour for children, youth, and adults
  • Worship at 11 – the more informal liturgy

Given the tightness of this schedule, we are going to try very hard to start everything on time. You can help make this possible by arriving a few minutes early. Thanks.

Make yourself a name tag whenever you worship

It will help us get to know one another faster, and it’s a great way to make guests feel welcome.

Adult education at 10

This week, as part of our series on Growing Our New Church, we’ll be looking at formation. Children and youth who would like to share ideas are welcome to attend this session in lieu of their regular church school programs.

One bread, one body

Thanks to Denise and Anna for doing some great organizing in the sacristy, to David T. for his devotion to getting the building into shape, and to all of you who do so much to make this congregation work.

— Steve

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