Bags Go Out Next Week, Haunt Against Hunger Is Coming!

Second Family collection

Our next “bagging” will take place on Sundays October 25 and November 1. “Bagging” is shorthand for dropping a bag on neighbors’ doorsteps one Sunday and returning the next Sunday to pick it up after they have (we hope!) filled it with food for the pantry. Your help is much needed and appreciated.

Haunt Against Hunger

Children's choir

Tom Terranova has developed a great “food-raiser” for the pantry. The idea is simple. Children visit select homes and donate food. The more food they donate, the more opportunity they will have to win door prizes during a drawing at St. Nicholas – 3:30-4:30 on Halloween. Tom’s even developed a web site.

Tom is now lining up permission from local stores to hand out fliers in front of their businesses. This will be the main form of publicity. We need volunteers for a couple of hours on both Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25. Tom also appreciates any other ideas you might have for distributing the fliers in the community the week before Halloween. Finally, a few volunteers on Halloween from 3-4:30 would help build excitement for the drawing. Contact Tom via the web address above to volunteer or ask questions. Thanks!

(Blog editor’s note: website and contact information to be added as soon as possible)

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