Preparing for the Flu Season

host and chalice

The flu season is now upon us – as several of us can testify. Although we will not be following the lead of the church that is using vodka wipes to disinfect its chalices after each use, with the advent of the H1N1 virus, we need to think carefully about how best to protect one another. Here are some initial suggestions:

Even if you are not actively sick, if you or someone in your household has been feeling under the weather, please refrain from taking the common cup. If you are actively ill, stay home and call Steve at 630.476.6425 and we’ll bring you communion.

If it is your practice to “intinct” – dip the communion bread into the wine or grape juice -make sure your fingers do not touch liquid. Our fingers often carry many germs.

Hand sanitizer will be available where you pick up your worship bulletin. When you get your bulletin, squirt some sanitizer onto your hands. This may reduce virus transmission.

Your ideas are appreciated – please respond with them to

Sunday communion ministry

Manny Borg and others have pointed out that when we have people going forth from our Sunday liturgies with communion for the homebound, we ought to be praying for them as a community. This is a prayer we will be adding to our Sunday worship whenever it is appropriate.

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