New Direction for Adult Ed Group


The “Contemporary Issues” adult education group has been discussing “Science and Religion” for a while now. We’re not finished yet; but when we do finish up this topic, we will be re-forming the group, for the indefinite future, into a book club format.

The advantages of this format, we hope, will include these:

  • We will try to meet either one evening or one Saturday morning (over breakfast), each month. This will not conflict with other commitments many of us have between the liturgies on Sunday.
  • Most participants will be more certain that there is something important to do that specific week, and be able to set the time aside.
  • People can freely join us one month and not another, depending on whether the book is of interest.
  • People can choose to take the lead in discussing books of particular interest to them (or not – there is no pressure!).

I have placed a list of possible works on my Web page at These are only proposed to get other people thinking– please, please give me your ideas! The works there now are not listed in order of importance or preference; novels are listed alphabetically, nonfiction works by date. Some of them I’m sure are less practical than others. Either send me your suggestions at steveg at swhi dot net, or mention them to me or Valerie when you see us. What are we looking for? Almost anything except traditional theology (I leave that to the clerically trained!) that (a) people will enjoy but also (b) is educational and/or thought-provoking in regard to matters of faith, conscience, social responsibility, ethics, etc. Suggest something you liked, or something you’ve never read but heard maybe you should.

(We also need your thoughts about meeting times and places.)

Before moving on to any of these, we are going to finish our “Science and Religion” theme with topics from physics and cosmology – what is this place we live in? Why would God make it so mysterious? What’s this “big bang” thing? What does “infinite” mean? What does “nothingness” mean? Please feel free to join us – no background necessary! Bring your questions and ideas.

– Steve Gruenwald

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