What Happens When A Vicar Leaves? Get Answers At February 13 Meeting

In this time of transition and change, you may have questions. Fortunately, we will be able to get some of them answered very soon.

Randall Warren talks to Mark D Britt at Holy Innocents

Randall Warren, on right, talks to Mark D Britt at Holy Innocents

Randall Warren, Canon for Deployment and Pastoral Care, will be at St. Nicholas on Sunday, February 13 to discuss with the parish the next steps toward assuring ongoing ordained leadership for St. Nicholas. He wants to hear from everyone in the parish about their hopes and desires for future leadership of St. Nicholas, and so all are encouraged to join him in conversation immediately following worship that day.

In order for everyone to be able to meet with Canon Warren, there will be no Saturday liturgy Saturday, February 12.

In the archive photo above, Randall Warren visited Holy Innocents for a meeting some years ago, and he has also delivered a homily at St Nicholas on at least one special occasion. He’s a dynamic preacher and is a lot of fun; the best part is he usually preaches “off the cuff,” without prepared notes.

P.S. What’s a vicar? The pastor of an Episcopal or Anglican church that is a “mission” of the local diocese, or a “daughter” of a larger nearby church, rather than a fully independent parish.

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