Palms and Problems Go Up In Smoke, Stone Soup and Ashes Wednesday

Father Manny Borg burned last year’s Easter palms along with a collection of written problems and grievances in a pre-Lent tradition we started at St Nick’s today.

They burned really well… it was very meaningful. Unfortunately I didn’t press “record” in time, but you can see we’ve got a LOT of ashes for next THIS Wedenesday.

There is no connection between this and Father Manny’s 3-alarm chili from the Chili Supper Saturday night, though.

I couldn’t resist – I tagged this “Episcopal” and “Comedy” at YouTube!

Meanwhile, Stone Soup will be served on Wednesday at 530pm at the church, using the ingredients gathered piecemeal from the congregation on Sunday. The Ash Wednesday liturgy, with Imposition of Ashes, starts at 7pm.

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