St Nick’s Shout-Outs: Cleanliness (And Shininess) Is Next To Godliness

The Liturgy Team–Donna Tamaski, Jessica Tamaski, Paul Tamaski, Mary Fletcher-Gomez, Jay O’Reilly, Katie Black, Tameica Williams, Pat Kalicki, Ginny Gibbs, Steve Raftery, Hal Stratton, Douglas VanHouten and Manny Borg–for their work at planning Holy Week services.

Audrey Cannon and Katie Black for the amazing job of polishing the silver chalices and the altar book stand…cleanliness and shininess are next to Godliness!

The good people of Imaginings 3 of Niles, Illinois for the tremendous donation of candy for our food pantry and to help out Peter Cottontail with the Easter Egg Hunt!

All our friends at St. Giles Roman Catholic Church of Oak Park, Illinois for the donation of shoe boxes filled with supplies to aid those in need.

In thanksgiving to those, who behind the scenes, do so much to keep St. Nicholas moving forward and onward

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