Knead Bread

Aidan Kavanagh, a liturgical scholar, has been quoted as saying that he never had any trouble believing communion was the Body of Christ; he had trouble believing it was bread! One is not likely to have that issue at St. Nicholas. Our fragrant and fresh communion bread is baked by members of our community. We are seeking more hands to bake the bread for our liturgies. If you are interested, there is a sign-up sheet in Holy Innocents Hall. If you would like to find out more about what is involved, ask any one of our current bread bakers: Anna Stefaniak, Denise Butera, Hal Stratton, Steve Raftery, Katie Black, Donna Tamaski, Jennifer Garcia, Douglas VanHouten, Manny Borg, Sean Khor and Mike Craig.

Our own bishop, Jeffrey Lee, writes in his book, Opening the Prayer Book that “the quality of a liturgical experience has to do with the quality of its fundamental signs. Sacraments effect by signifying. Sacraments make real; they do not make true . . . the bread and the wine of the eucharist do not make the presence of Christ true, they make it real. And if the purpose of sacraments is to make these things real, then the quality of the signs themselves matters very much.”

We knead you! Please consider joining our happy rota. There is a sign-up sheet in Holy Innocents Hall.

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