New Stewardship For The New Millennium: 2012 Pledge Drive

Yes, it’s that season at St Nicholas: not Advent, not Lent, but Fall Pledge Drive, not unlike your local public radio station. You’ll see information in the Saturday/Sunday bulletins, and there will be more information coming soon.

Sharp-eyed members and friends may have noticed this item in the e-newsletter, News from Nick:

Reminder: We hope you are considering your pledge to St. Nicholas for 2012. As we wrote earlier, our hope is for every household at St. Nicholas to submit a pledge form for 2012 by November 20 so that we may plan for next year’s budget.

Pledge forms are at this link and on the shelf just outside the worship space.

We are most grateful for the many ways all the members of the Community of St. Nicholas support our mission and ministries.

Of course, we are always seeking your gift of time and talent as well. Please take a look at the Getting Involved column at left and see if there is a ministry you feel called to share in.

More information may be found at this link.

What’s at those links? Well, only our first effort at electronic pledge gathering, and a pep talk about what’s really important: having the resources to build financial independence from the Diocese (that is, to go from toddling to walking with Christ), and to help “those in need beyond our doors.”

We ask you to read and reflect upon the Feasting on Gratitude articles. They are a rich reminder of what God does for us, and the meaning He brings to the lives of all His people. They spur us to reflect upon our own lives and the many ways we are blessed.

We ask you to think about how Saint Nicholas helps you to connect to God and to appreciate all His gifts. Saint Nicholas needs your financial support so that this wonderful place where we come together as a community of faith can be here for all of us. Our vibrant, caring community supports and nurtures each and every one of us in our times of need and our times of celebration. We warmly welcome each newcomer. And we reach out to those in need beyond our doors.

Of interest to those on the Stewardship Committee who’ve been praying, working, and sweating over the initiative: a brand new website from the Episcopal Church that’s a great resource for this important, ministry-supporting effort.

You’ve just been appointed stewardship chair for your congregation. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work – but where in the world do you start?

That’s the question TENS has always tried to answer for stewardship leaders throughout The Episcopal Church. And now, networking with those leaders has just gotten easier, because TENS has become an online network for the 21st century. We are delighted to launch our new website,, full of stewardship resources you can put to work in your congregation, diocese or ministry right away.

via TENS: Welcome to the New TENS Web Experience

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