I Am St Nick: Bob Kalicki

I am Saint Nicholas just like you, as a part of this congregation, are also Saint Nicholas. We as individuals make up the total that is this community that we love and work to make successful.

My journey to Saint Nicholas began when Patty felt a void in her life. Patty went to several churches and eventually visited Holy Innocents in Hoffman Estates. When she walked into the service and saw a woman presiding she felt that this Episcopal Church must be something special. She became very excited and that excitement rubbed off on me and I joined her as a member of Holy Innocents.

When Holy Innocents merged with Saint Nicholas in January of 2007, the energy generated with this merger was apparent. The combination took place seamlessly with members of both congregations working together to make the spring rummage sale a success.

Eventually, I became involved at Saint Nicholas and made a commitment of time, talent and treasure to this place of worship that means so much to me. Saint Nicholas has filled a void in, and given more meaning to, my life. I feel fulfilled by being building manager, treasurer and supporting the food pantry.

This may sound corny, but I have a sense of God when working at Saint Nicholas whether it’s with the landscaping, stocking shelves for the food pantry, overseeing the things that need to be done to keep our building in shape or setting up for our service. This sense of well being is very satisfying.

I know each of you loves this very special place also and I ask each of you to reach deep down inside of yourself to make a commitment to help Saint Nicholas grow by giving of your time and talent and to make a pledge so that Saint Nicholas can continue to grow.

Bob Kalicki

-Bob Kalicki

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