Bishop’s Committee News: Second Family Program Changes

At the Bishop’s Committee meeting November 13, Manny informed the Bishop’s Committee that he met with the principal at Clearmont School regarding the Second Family Program. The principal has decided that there is not a good way to distinguish between needy families in order to select several for Second Family, so they will no longer participate in the Second Family Program.

Since the Second Family Program is no longer in effect, we will check with the Schaumburg and Elk Grove food pantries to see if they still have an “adopt a family” program that we might be able to participate in.

There was discussion on what we will be able to provide for the families that frequent our food pantry over the holidays this year. It was decided that it will be best to focus on food for the families. We will give each family a $20 gift card to Dominick’s for Thanksgiving and we hope to be able to give each family a turkey for Christmas.

Pat Kalicki

Pat Kalicki

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