Inviting Friends To Church: Plant Seeds Repeatedly, Not Just Annually

You may feel like inviting a friend to church once a year is enough, especially if they rebuff the invitation. They need to know that you and the community of worshippers are here for them.

They may feel drawn to something larger than themselves that they can’t explain. What brings you to church? Tell them your story, and offer the invitation.

This is a great time of year to make sure that you have flyers about your Christmas liturgies and any other special events, such as Lessons and Carols. Encourage everyone in your congregation to give them to friends, family and co-workers with an invitation
to join your church family for Christmas. The one caveat is this: even if the person reacts favorably, and even says they will come, they might well not darken the church doors this Feast of the Nativity. Most of us then decide that the seed has been scattered on soil not yet disposed toward growth and then never make another invitation. This is where we can easily fail in scattering seed.

It may well take a Christmas invitation, followed by an Easter invitation, followed by yet another Christmas invitation before your friends actually show up for church. Never underestimate the inertia that must be overcome to make the move from not attending church to worshipping faithfully. Keep the invitations persistent and low key, always making sure folks know they are welcome, without ever making someone feel bad for not showing up. That is how such seeds are consistently scattered.

Link: Plant Seeds with Persistent Invitations « The Loose Canon

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