How To Add Our Facebook Page To Your Favorites List There

The St Nicholas Facebook page can be added to your list of Facebook Favorites if you follow the steps below. Thanks to Episcopalian blogger Helen Mosher for the tip.

1. Go to
2. Click on +Create a List at the top of the page
3. Name the list “Episcopal favorites,” or, if you would like to add other pages, name it something meaningful for the topic. Hit “create list.”
4. Click “add friends” on the page you get. When that window opens, click the little box that says “friends” and drop it down to “pages.” Use the search box to pull up The Episcopal Cafe and other pages you’d like to view with this list. Please note: Only pages that you already “like” will show up.
5. Hit “save.”
6. The list will now appear in your lefthand navigation below “favorites,” “groups,” and “apps.”
7. Move your mouse over the list name and pencil will appear to the left of it.
8. Click on “Add to Favorites” and this list of Episcopal pages will now be easily accessible and you’ll be able to see when there are new posts on it.
9. If you JUST want the Episcopal Cafe on that list, that’s fine! You can have as many of this kind of list added to favorites as you want; at least, I haven’t found a maximum yet!

Link: The Lead

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