Book Club: Reason for Hope, by Jane Goodall Saturday February 4 at Panera’s EGV

On the basis of the responses received, we will be meeting to discuss Reasons for Hope, by Jane Goodall, on Saturday, February 4, at 9:30 AM at Panera’s (in Elk Grove Village).

For those who want to get a head start, we are planning to read after that:

The Power and the Glory, by Graham Greene

God’s Mechanics, by Guy Consolmagno, SJ

As in the past, please let me know if you have trouble finding the book, would like a ride to the meeting place, or have any other questions, wants, or suggestions.


Update: Two tidbits regarding Jane Goodall:
Her appearance on NPR’s “Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me!” is here.
Her foreword to Gary Larson’s “The Far Side Gallery 5” is here.

3 thoughts on “Book Club: Reason for Hope, by Jane Goodall Saturday February 4 at Panera’s EGV

  1. How interesting – we’ll be starting a study on Goodall’s book, too, in the next couple of weeks. We’d be interesting in hearing the highpoints of your discussion.

  2. Julie – Thanks for commenting. Our discussion was more wide-ranging than I would have predicted. There was plenty of interest in Goodall’s life, relationships, spirit of adventure, etc., but we also wound up talking about spirituality as an emotional experience, including how various members of the group could or could not imagine sitting all alone, in the wild, among unknown dangers, and feeling at peace. We also spent quite a while discussing empathy and what – specifically – makes us care about others whom we’ve never met. We did not run out of things to discuss, only time.

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