Food Pantry News: A Success Story, and a Shopping List

A story from Bob Kalicki, who does A LOT of great work with the food pantry:


The food pantry has been serving an average of 20 families each Wednesday we are open, which is the first, third and fourth Wednesday of the month.

I need to share a story of how this ministry affects people. A young lady came to the food pantry several weeks ago, gave me a hug and thanked Saint Nicholas for helping her family while she was out of work. She had just obtained a job and wanted us to know how much Saint Nicholas helped her. I accepted her thanks on behalf of Saint Nicholas and the staff that works the food pantry. Her joy and the tears I see in people’s eyes when they leave Saint Nicholas with their groceries is difficult to put into words.

Since the food pantry is so busy, we find ourselves running out of cereal, canned corn and canned fish. Please help us by donating these items.

-Bob Kalicki

via News from St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

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